Covers The Best of Both Worlds
Born and raised in Billings, Montana, Kathy has always been one to wake up and hit the ground running. She continues to stay fit by cycling, skiing, hiking and camping on a regular basis. She also enjoys running, scuba diving and volunteering as a ski instructor for the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Kathy treasures her time spent with her husband, Joe and his two sons, Joseph and Isaac, especially when it comes to football, skiing and snowboarding. The family is actively involved in their church and community as well. This local business woman approaches life "at full throttle," and much of her energy is channeled into the great outdoors. From camping to hiking to cycling and skiing, Kathy savors every opportunity to connect with the good life in nature. But she also loves an evening filled with fine dining and live entertainment. Luckily, this area affords her The Best of Both Worlds.

When you ask Kathy Keating what she loves about the Denver/Boulder Foothills and Front Range communities, the answer is simply "everything." From the natural splendor and quiet serenity of the rural mountain properties to the vibrant city scene full of cultural charm, great restaurants and live music, this unique area affords her a range of opportunity when it comes to her personal pursuits.

Kathy finds that when she combines her years of business experiences with her extensive knowledge of both the mountain and city markets, she is able to help her real estate clients concentrate on the pleasurable aspects of buying or selling a home. As one of the area's most committed professionals, Kathy knows the spectrum of mountain and city homes in the local market. She's well-versed in the unique land, well and property issues of clients seeking a remote mountain home just as she knows the diverse neighborhoods, schools and amenities involved with purchasing a city home. For sellers, she has an inventory of clients looking for a variety of properties and helps you get top dollar for your home.

So when you decide that you'd like to buy or sell a home in the Boulder areas, please contact me.